Measuring method for

Employee Engagement

  • 15 second survey
  • Smart analysis platform
  • E-learning environment

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Measuring method for

Employee Engagement

  • 15 second survey
  • Smart analyses
  • E-learning

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The 15 second survey

Step 1: Mood

How do you feel at work today? Employees can choose from several scientifically supported emotions. By paying attention to people’s mood, you can prevent longterm stress or dissatisfaction.

Step 2: Drivers

The second question digs into the drivers of employee happiness, such as leadership, communication and personal development. This way we measure engagement and employee experience.

Step 3: Thank you!

We always end with a positive or funny message. Our tool includes a variety of inspiring quotes and cartoons. You can also integrate content from within your own organization.

What happens with the survey results?

Managers and employees can analyze the data in realtime in a secure online platform

  • Percentages: how many of your staff/team members feel engaged at work?
  • Trends: how do stress or employee happiness levels develop over time?
  • Heatmaps: which drivers, such as appreciation or wellbeing are rated low?
  • Scores: what is the employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) of your organization?
  • Tips and advice: how can you deal with low energy levels in your team?


Unique features


We are constantly developing our tool to effectively measure and improve employee satisfaction

  • 75% Response rate
  • Fun and simple in 15 seconds
  • Scientifically supported
  • Unites moods & drivers
  • Expert advice included
  • 100% Safe and anonymous
  • E-learning platform
  • Languages: NL, EN, DE, FR
  • Optional team surveys
  • Survey alerts

Smart analysis platform

We stimulate employee engagement and happiness on all levels

Manager dashboard
In this secure environment you can instantly view the status or trend of satisfaction in teams and your company. Using data from our second driver question, specific problem areas and success factors will be highlighted as well. Comparing teams, departments or your own target groups is just one click away!

Weekly team report
Teams receive a mail or app notification with an anonymized summary of the emotions from the past week. The mood report has proven te be a powerful tool to start discussing (difficult) subjects such as stress, happiness and work ambience. With tips from our HR and Change experts teams can implement positive change.

Personal dashboard
Every individual employee can capture and analyze his or her mood in a secure online platform on a daily basis. This can be useful when they are reflecting on their job satisfaction or preparing for a performance appraisal. In our e-learning environment employees can get to work with content for more happiness.

What HR managers think of 2DAYSMOOD

It simply works. It is an effective and easy way to communicate your daily feelings or issues within your organization.

Lydia Quirschfeld

Senior Coordinator, Gartner

“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% over a period of 5 months, and this positive trend continues.”

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo Team

“We have collaborated intensively with 2DAYSMOOD. An equal partner, always willing to explore new fitting solutions.”

Rianne Klemann

Regional Manager West, Randstad


Types of measurements

Due to our high response rate and frequent measurement, you can extract the desired insights from your organization

Baseline assessment

Measure the status quo of satisfaction and engagement

Measuring target groups

Assemble your own target groups to evaluate and compare

eNPS score

Check your employee Net Promotor Score as a benchmark

Assess specific drivers

Dig into problem or success areas with in-depth survey modules

Effect measurement

Investigate the impact of your interventions with new data

Own survey questions

Ask employee feedback with your own questions and goals in mind

Start improving employee engagement today!

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