Continuous measuring method of Employee Satisfaction, Engagement and Happiness

  • Fun 15 second survey with high response
  • Culture Data is team-specific and in realtime
  • Scientifically validated and proven in practice

Find out how to motivate your employees for a thriving business!


Continuous measuring method of Employee Satisfaction, Engagement and Happiness

  • Science based surveys
  • Realtime culture data
  • Response in 15 seconds

Find out how to motivate your employees for a thriving business!

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Fun anonymous 15 second survey

Step 1: Mood

How do you feel at work today? Employees can choose from several scientifically supported emotions. By paying attention to people’s mood, you can prevent longterm stress or dissatisfaction.

Step 2: Drivers of engagement

The second question digs into the drivers of happiness and engagement, such as leadership, communication and work-life balance. This way you learn how to influence the employee experience.

Step 3: Thank you!

We always end with a positive or funny message. Our tool includes a variety of inspiring quotes and cartoons. You can also integrate content from within your own organization.

Managers enjoy working with 2DAYSMOOD

“Compared to the baseline measurement, our employee Net Promoter Score increased from 16 to 35 in 1 year!”
Hans de Man

CEO, Soltegro

“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% over a period of 5 months, and this positive trend continues.”
Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo Team

“We have collaborated intensively with 2DAYSMOOD. An equal partner, always willing to explore new fitting solutions.”
Rianne Klemann

Regional Manager West, Randstad

Measure moods and more for a positive culture

2DAYSMOOD helps you create a positive and profitable culture, with a science backed method and cutting-edge technology. Happiness at work is the product of

  • Employee Moods
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Work Engagement
  • Organizational Loyalty (eNPS).

With our flexible measurements you can improve them all!

Baseline measurement

Measure the status quo of satisfaction and engagement

360° team feedback

Targeted feedback retrieval from internal and external parties

eNPS score

Check your employee Net Promotor Score as a benchmark

Assess specific drivers

Dig into problem or success areas with in-depth survey modules

Happiness measurement

Measures the stress level and happiness of employees

Own survey questions

Ask employee feedback with your own questions and goals in mind

How to make impact with the survey results

Read our customer stories

CEOs, Managers and employees can analyze the data in realtime in a secure online platform. Via our smart dashboards they instantly understand what is most important to employees. Taking targeted action is easy and has effect!


  • Percentages: how many of your staff members feel engaged at work?
  • Trends: how do stress or employee happiness levels develop over time?
  • Heatmaps: which drivers, such as appreciation or wellbeing are rated low?
  • Scores: what is the employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) of your organization?
  • Filter: by teams, departments, length of tenure, remote workers, …
  • Tips and advice: how can you deal with low energy levels in your team?

Our unique software supports your business growth


“The power of 2DAYSMOOD lies in the simplicity of the 15 second survey, in combination with the scientific substantiation of the method.”

– Fieke Horsten, Project leader vitality at L&D fund Municipalities

    • Company, team & custom surveys
    • Fun and simple in 15 seconds
    • High response rate ensured
    • In the language you prefer
    • E-learning and action platform
    • Monitors impact of actions
    • Dedicated support from experts!

Take immediate action to increase Employee Happiness

For CEOs and (HR) Managers

Data to shape your HR and business strategy!

  • Secure realtime dashboard
  • eNPS & Mood trends
  • Advanced culture heatmap
  • 15 Drivers of engagement
  • Compare teams & departments

For teams

Data to improve team vibe and communication!

  • Weekly mood summary
  • Via email or mobile app
  • 100% anonymous & secure
  • Powerful conversation starter
  • Tips from HR experts

For employees

Data to increase personal happiness, vitality and leadership!

  • Personal secured dashboard
  • Take ownership of your mood
  • E-learning content and exercises
  • Awareness and self-reflection
  • Input for performance appraisal

Insight in (remote) work happiness? Demo or try for free

Our culture expert is happy to show you the 2DAYSMOOD platform via a short video call. Then you decide whether you want to try our tool for free with your team or organization. In just 5 weeks you can perform a completely safe engagement measurement with which you can make data-driven improvements!

Through real-time data and weekly reports you gain insight into:

  • Stress, (dis)satisfaction and engagement
  • Ambassadorship of employees (eNPS)
  • Theme 1, people: Leadership, relationship with colleagues, relationship with direct manager, social values
  • OR theme 2, hybrid working: how is the remote working experience compared to the office?
  • … and more!

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