2DAYSMOOD and Empatix, want to help relieve the stress of teams and organizations with a suddenly-remote workforce.

We offer a FREE science based Remote Experience Monitor.

The current global situation creates uncertainty and distance… And that is draining for organizations and employees. What is the impact of this? Does it lead to isolation and chaos? Or can you positively influence the new remote situation, through communication, engagement and connection?

With the free Remote Experience Monitor we offer a solution to take that positive path. Because if you want to emerge stronger from this change, it is now time to build a sustainable connected organization (even remotely)!

Start with the right information

As a leader it is essential to know what requires extra attention in this difficult situation. How do your employees feel? Which factors now determine their motivation and work performance? And how can you help and improve this as quickly as possible?

Reliable and relevant insights are the basis for this. You retrieve these because the Monitor makes use of the pulse survey technology of 2DAYSMOOD and the People Science expertise of Empatix.

The content of the question module has been developed by a team of sociologists, organizational psychologists and HR experts. So the survey is scientifically substantiated, while we tap into the issues that currently exist with managers in practice.” said Daniel Blocq (PhD), Sociologist at Empatix

The Remote Experience Monitor enables you, as CEO, HR manager or Team leader, to measure and improve quickly, simply and continuously. We developed a free 8 week start-up program to set a baseline, monitor mood and measure effect. You get feedback on question topics such as:

  • Mood and well-being of employees;
  • Dedication to their work;
  • Lack or sense of trust;
  • Empathy of leadership;
  • Effectiveness of communication;
  • … and more!

Martin Meulenkamp (Msc), CEO of 2DAYSMOOD:After the 8 week start-up period, managers will see their culture issues and trends. “So what’s next?” they often ask me. We either help them dig deeper or our trusted partner Delivering Happiness helps them implement a strategic culture roadmap.

How does the monitor work for teams?

Employees complete a simple survey within 60 seconds, via email or app, completely anonymously. The monitor circles back to participating teams every week with a mood report. Of course, the engaged professional can log in to the realtime data dashboard 24/7, to view and act on the overview of feedback and trends.

Do you want to lead your organization or team through this changing times in a positive way? Connect, motivate and help your employees?

Request the Remote Experience Monitor here for free!


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