Last March, the innovative rating agency Early Metrics congratulated our company with a score of 71-75 out of a total of 100. This means that 2DAYSMOOD as an innovative HR tech company is among the top 30% of more than 3000 assessed companies worldwide.

The Early Metrics rating scale is designed to provide transparency to businesses, investors and entrepreneurs.

Early Metrics promotes tomorrow’s most exciting innovations, and they do it with care: “Our proprietary rating methodology allows us to accurately evaluate the growth potential of each innovative company. Our model, based on non-financial criteria, emphasizes qualitative data. It can be applied to every industry and maturity level, from seed to growth phase. We focus on three pillars.”


  1. The management team (skills and ability to implement their growth plan).
  2. Project and tech (business model, positioning, trends, technology, execution).
  3. Ecosystem (market size, expansion, market need for innovation).


Most innovative organizations already know… Happy Employees make your Business Thrive! 2DAYSMOOD offers simple, data-driven solutions that allow every leader to create effective teams and a culture of employee happiness.

2DAYSMOOD is a scientifically validated, simple measuring method of employee happiness and engagement, which has been successfully proven in practice! As a CEO, HR manager or team lead, you can gauge employee mood, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty (eNPS). Thanks to our flexible surveys and the representative response rate, you get the desired feedback from all layers in your organization. In a fun and fast way!

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