2DAYSMOOD is part of Batch 16 of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator and our Director EMEA Selma gave an interview about how everything started, the challenges, what we’ve learned so far as part of the accelerator, as well as our future plans. You can read the full interview here. 



2DAYSMOOD’s idea in one sentence:  With our app and the 15-second survey, we help companies to improve the working environment, which increases their effectiveness and gives them a competitive advantage.

Our three hashtags:  #HRtech #NewWork #Employeehappiness

The best thing about the STARTPLATZ Accelerator : The network, the cooperation and the exchange with other founders, the targeted support (e.g. business coaches and information).

How did you get the idea of starting 2DAYSMOOD?

In 2015, Jan Pronk decided to quit his job as an IT manager at a major Spanish bank. He saw lower-level cost-cutting decisions negatively impacting the morale of his employees. Were the removal of plants and the reduction of coffee quality the right decisions to effectively reduce costs? The only way to measure the impact was the annual engagement survey. However, these results were quickly forgotten by management after only three sessions. Fortunately, the company also recognized that this was not the right approach, and a happiness team was appointed to draw up action plans. But did these action plans contribute to employee engagement and satisfaction? This remained unclear as it was measured only once a year. This was the biggest drawback in the eyes of Jan Pronk and driven to change something, he founded 2DAYSMOOD.

Which specific problem can you solve with your idea?
We help organizations to create effective teams and a positive work environment, which has a direct impact on the company’s performance and market position. This enables companies to reduce turnover, attract and retain talent, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage overall.

Which challenges did you face at first?
Our biggest challenge is finding the right customer segment. Not every company is prepared to create an open culture of feedback and to regularly measure how employees feel and why. The company, the management team and employees must all be prepared to embrace the well-being of all employees in a holistic, strategic and proactive manner. Fortunately, recent trends and studies support the importance of this topic for businesses, not only for current but also for future working generations.


Being a part of the start-up scene in Düsseldorf

Why did you participate in the STARTPLATZ Accelerator?
The STARTPLATZ Accelerator helps us as a Dutch company to enlarge our network in Germany and to get in contact with relevant people. It is very helpful to learn what the challenges of the German startup scene are.

What are your first lessons so far?
The variety of support for startups is impressive – from online programs and tools that you can use for free, to specialized knowledge and expertise of the STARTPLATZ Accelerator. Another lesson is that each new conversation brings something – be it feedback on the product, access to the network of others or just valuable knowledge.

What is your next milestone?
The next milestone is the acquisition of 1 or 2 reference customers in Germany, as well as the organization and the realization of an inspirational session for HR managers and managing directors on the topic of well-being and happiness at work.


To the founder

What did you do before your startup?
As an organizational psychologist, I have worked in various HR management positions on various continents for over 10 years. In the 2DAYSMOOD team, I combine my experience in human resources with my international network and psychological knowledge. The 2DAYSMOOD team stands for diversity: different work generations, stages of life and backgrounds in HR, IT and entrepreneurship. Together, we share a passion for employee engagement and change in companies.

How does a productive day start for you?
We always start the week with a team meeting, where we discuss what our goals are for the week. Otherwise, a productive day starts with a coffee, answering our 15-second survey and sometimes a game of table tennis.

What was your best STARTPLATZ Accelerator moment so far?
The best STARTPLATZ Accelerator moment were the status meetings, during which we swapped with other startups from Batch 16 and gave each other honest feedback. The positivity, learnings, and entrepreneurial spirit of the other startups are contagious!

What do you do to start the evening?
I look back on the day and reflect on what we can be proud of as a team, what we have achieved and what not. Most of my work begins with the pickup of my sons from the day care center.

Tell us something few people know about you!
As a team, we don’t only bring work experience from the business world. As a part-time job I designed murals in shops and our founder Jan worked as a shepherd in Scotland.

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