What is the impact of working from home? Measure and improve employee mood and performance!

“With 2DAYSMOOD I quickly measure how my colleagues feel and what influences their mood and happiness at work.” 

– Marjolein Keltjens, Happiness Officer, Eurail.com

Put your employees first!

The covid-19 virus may present us with many challenges, but one thing is certain: we put our fellow citizens first! And that is also how it should be for employees who have to work from home for a long time. What does such an isolated period do to their mood, energy and engagement? And how does it influence the productivity, performance and culture of your organization?

2DAYSMOOD wants to make a positive contribution to the global working society by offering a continuous mood measurement free of charge. With our solution, you get valuable data at a team level, about your employees’ mood and the underlying reasons. Employees give their feedback 100% anonymously, in 15 seconds and with a fun reward!

Threats of remote working: loss of social work contacts, loss of commitment to the organization, too much overtime, more complex cooperation (scrum, self-managing teams).

(Van der Voordt , 2001; Rietveld, 2016)

Continuous employee mood check

Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and thinking! This also applies in the workplace or when working from home. When your employees feel good, they are more productive and more resistant to stress. You can make sure that positive moods and employee engagement will dominate in your teams and spread (virtually) through your organization. This way you will not only save costs but develop a sustainbale (remote) culture for success.

We will help you as an HR or Team leader start: gain continuous insight into stress, energy, happiness and their causes.

Benefits of remote working: better concentration, higher productivity, more pleasant experience of work-life balance, less travel time.

(Van der Voordt , 2001; Rietveld, 2016)

The 15 second mood survey

Various scientific studies tell us that emotions are an important indicator of engagement and happiness at work. Yet moods are often not measured or only measured as a snapshot in a traditional satisfaction survey. 2DAYSMOOD tackles this more innovatively and effectively, with an anonymous mood survey. You can continuously send it throughout your organisation, departments and teams. The employee who indicates how he or she feels during work and why, can also reflect on this data.

Our realtime dashboards, weekly reports and E-learning environment are proven, data-driven tools to spark important conversations about culture. Do you know how your employees feel during work on a daily basis?

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2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Marjolein Keltjens
Happiness Officer, Eurail.com

“In my work as a Happiness Officer, it is important that I know how my colleagues feel and what influences their work happiness. With 2DAYSMOOD, I measure this in an easily accessible way. In addition, the tips in the tool give me valuable input to better align my work with the needs of my colleagues.