Internship: IT App Developer

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These days, online process- and collaboration tools are essential for every professional. Annoying right? When these tools are not easily combined or integrated! Our Employee Happiness tool is being used by more and more international organizations and it should work as fast, simple, and effectively as possible. So, do you have the skillset to connect our tool to Slack? Then come and join our lively team to gain work experience as an IT App Developer, further develop your talents, learn from our IT experts, and to just have a blast at your internship.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate professionals of various ages and unique qualities. From HR, IT and Marketing, to Organizational Psychology and Work Happiness. We are still small, in the transition of start-up to scale-up, but ever more involved in our work and each other! We not only sell Employee Happiness but we of course also invest daily into our own work fun at 2DAYSMOOD.

Our vision

We stand for a world in which organizations flourish through happy employees. In our own academically supported Employee Happiness Model, we have identified 15 drivers that influence employee engagement. Gaining insight into these drivers and the moods of employees is the first step towards a positive and productive organizational culture.

Our product

2DAYSMOOD offers an innovative realtime measurement method of employee engagement and job satisfaction. Not a long-winded boring snapshot like a yearly employee satisfaction survey but a user-friendly weekly 15-second survey. With our smart analytical abilities and an e-learning environment jam-packed with practical knowledge, everyone in an organization can start taking on work happiness. Watch the video to see how our tool works.

What do we offer you?

Our work happiness (with an average of 82%!) is not only held up high by our fun team lunches, ping pong sessions, and the monthly BBB’s (Brainstorm, Beer, and Beer nuts), but also through our flexibility, trust, and development. Just like that, you will have a say in a work-life balance that is most suited for your needs and you will have the opportunity to discover your talents through professional assessment.

Besides that, the start-up mentality in our team has many positive sides to it. If you can strategically think within the vision and mission of our company, we will offer you the autonomy to develop and execute your own ideas. You, just like any other team member, are essential for important projects made for customers and our company development.

What do you offer to us? You are

  • following a matching HBO or WO-study in IT
  • currently in your third or higher year
  • responsible and have a proactive mindset
  • used to working independently and love achieving results
  • interested in app development, the integration of tools, …
  • eager to work with innovative technologies and services (Vue, Google Cloud, AI, …)
  • fluent in English (and preferably some Dutch)
  • interested in contributing to employee happiness in organizations worldwide
  • a positive team player!

What will you be working on?

Research Slack integration

Slack is a popular collaboration tool. In some teams, the use of emails is even entirely banned and communication only happens through Slack. Therein lies a clear opportunity for 2DAYSMOOD to improve our user-friendliness! Our weekly 15-second survey is now only being sent via email or the mobile app. But how great would it be if you as a user could also choose Slack as a receiving channel? You are going to research how!

Building 2DAYSMOOD-Slack app

During your research, you will have found the best method to integrate. Now let’s get to work! You will work independently on building the 2DAYSMOOD-Slack app and deliver on a test version. For assistance, you can always walk up to our IT, Product and Communication experts. Think of technical API links, UX design, automatic communication in the app, user-friendliness, …

Our (former) interns would also like to say something…

“I was able to learn a lot at my internship at 2DAYSMOOD because I got to work with the newest machine learning techniques. Naturally, I am very proud of the result: a model with nearly 75% precision!”

Mees Gieling

Intern IT & Artificial Intelligence

“It was immediately clear to me that the team lives according to their own advice and theories on work happiness. Independence, trust, and appreciation are key features of the 2DAYSMOOD culture. That motivates me a lot!”

Franziska Israel

Intern Organizational Psychology

“Besides the open and fun team setting, I pulled a lot of satisfaction out of tasks and projects. I created new things with my own input and the impact of my work was immediately reflected by the marketing analytics.”

Aysu Cergel

Intern Media & Communication

Start in September or as a summer internship

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Location 2DAYSMOOD

2DAYSMOOD is located in ./ (dotslash-utrecht). The community in Utrecht for innovative young companies. You can find us on the first floor in the blue wing (1b2). near the ping pong table!