Improve employee happiness

How to improve employee happiness?

Employee happiness is a feeling of energy and pleasure that you experience in the workplace. However, what makes an employee happy is different for every individual.

With the innovative measurement of 2DAYSMOOD everyone in the organization can get insight in his or her happiness level, as well as the driving factors behind it. Our smart mood reports and personal dashboard encourage personal leadership and action.

Employee happiness from 66% to 80%

“Since we are having this conversation, the number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% over a period of 5 months. It is a great signal towards our employees and a way to keep ’employee happiness’ as a core value in our department”

Robin Gerritsen
Director Recruitment, Tempo Team

Measure employee happiness

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This is Robin van der Meulen, our Strategic Happiness Expert. “Inspired by positive psychology, it is my passion to help organizations create a happier workplace and a positive company culture. In a modern and innovative manner. So, if you want to explore happiness and engagement in your organization you have come to the right place!”

Robin van der Meulen
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15 Drivers that impact employee happiness

2DAYSMOOD has conducted intensive research into factors that influence employee engagement and happiness. In this whitepaper you can read several tips and tricks for a more positive work environment.

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15 Steps for more employee engagement and happiness

Several academic studies point out that people who experience high levels of happiness and engagement at work, are not only more productive, energetic and creative, but also less prone to stress and burn-outs.

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An end to the fluffiness in employee happiness

Academic research proves that happiness at work is measurable, with mood as a key indicator.


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