Improve employee engagement

How to improve engagement in teams?

Happy and engaged employees are the driving force behind organizational success. To improve employee engagement in your teams, ongoing feedback with realtime insight is fundamental.

The fun and innovative 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD enables a continuous mood measurement and feedback loop with employees. Making sure you’re always having the right conversation for a better working climate and team performance.

From insight to culture change

“Because of 2DAYSMOOD we were able to notice the effectiveness of the changes on the overall mood and engagement, consequently helping us define specific action points.”

Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn
HR Manager, Batenburg Techniek

Measure employee engagement

Contact with our expert

This is Martin Meulenkamp, our HR & Change Expert. “It is my goal to answer your questions regarding employee engagement. I will gladly use my experience in HR and Change management to help you find an effective and sustainable solution. Insights from our 15 second survey will help in our search!”


Martin Meulenkamp
+31 6 55 81 33 21

An end to the fluffiness in employee happiness

Academic research proves that happiness at work is measurable, with mood as a key indicator.


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15 Drivers that impact employee happiness

2DAYSMOOD has conducted intensive research into factors that influence employee engagement and happiness. In this whitepaper you can read several tips and tricks for a more positive work environment.

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15 Steps for more employee engagement and happiness

Several academic studies point out that people who experience high levels of happiness and engagement at work, are not only more productive, energetic and creative, but also less prone to stress and burn-outs.

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