Do you have questions about our services, our philosophy or our team? Please find below our answers to frequently asked questions about 2DAYSMOOD, the 15-second-survey itself, the online manager dashboard, our expert services, the technical requirements and the answers in case you are the Administrator of your organization.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at or find our personal e-mail addresses on the contact page.

Questions about 2DAYSMOOD

How many years of experience in the workfield of Human Resources do you have?
Our team consists of organizational psychologists and HR experts. We have an accumulated experience of 30 years of HR Director and HR Business Partner experience in different industries and organizations throughout the Netherlands, Europe and the Middle East. Check our team member page for more information.
What type of customers do you have? (e.g. company size, industry)
Our customers represent a number of branches including transport & logistics, consultancy, manufacturing, legal and education. Our method is used both in local and international markets, private and public sectors. Typical company size of local and/or branch offices is around 500 employees. However, we also work with individual departments, small companies and larger corporations.
Are you operating internationally?
Yes, we are currently operating in Europe, Middle East and Asia/Pacific. We are expanding internationally, both directly and through international partners. Our headquarters are in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Do you work with partners?
Yes, we work with international sales and implementation partners. We are looking forward to discussing a potential partnership with you if you are interested. Please contact Martin Meulenkamp.    

Questions about our survey

Are your survey questions scientifically proven?
Yes, our survey questions are based on proven theories and scientific models related to emotions and employee engagement. In addition, we have collaborated with current influencers on engagement, motivation, leadership and feedback to develop our survey.
Why do you measure emotions?
We noticed that tools that measure happiness at work often ask employees to rate happiness on a rating scale, i.e. “How happy are you on a scale from 1-10?” In our opinion, measuring happiness in average numbers doesn’t tell the whole story. Employees will all have their own interpretation of what, for e.g. a “5” for happiness actually means and it is difficult for managers to draw conclusions and act upon average happiness numbers. Emotions are a much more powerful way to get an indication of energy, satisfaction and stress levels in the team and therefore a more relevant insight in happiness.
Can you really get valuable insights through a 15-second-survey?
We measure specific drivers of engagement over a period of time to get insights in trends throughout time. These trends give information about the effect of changes in the organization on mood and engagement. We create a continious feedback loop in organizations, through frequent 15-second surveys, weekly reports that spark action and an online dashboard for managers.  
Can the survey be customized for an organization?
Yes, we offer organizations several possibilities to customize the survey. For example, organizations can decide to choose questions from our database that best fit to the problem areas and/or identified issues in the organization and/or teams. In addition, organizational specific questions can be added to our tool. To personalize the questions, the organization´s name can be shown in the questions throughout the survey.  
Is there an option to set up different frequency and target audience for the survey?
Yes. Through the administrator portal, frequency and target audience can be set up, i.e. an organization can decide to send different pulse-surveys to different teams at different times.
On which day and at what time will employees receive the 15-second-survey?
This can be decided and planned by the assigned administrator for your organization. In our online survey platform, the administrator has the right and control to set up the surveys for your organization. We recommend organizations to send out the weekly survey at the second, third or fourth day of the working week, around 10:00 am – after employees checked their first emails and had their first coffee.  
Is data collected anonymously?
Data is reported anonymously through our online dashboard and weekly reports. At least 5 responses are necessary to show results to guarantee anonymity.
Do you have an app-based solution?
Yes, through our 2DAYSMOOD app, employees can answer their survey and have insight into their weekly team results. The app is easy and intuitive. Alternatively, employees can decide to receive the survey through e-mail.
What is the average response rate, when measuring frequently?
Our customers that use our survey on a weekly basis, report response rates between 75-90% (without reminders). Customers that use our survey twice a week, report lower response rates of about 50-70%. In general, we see response rates go up over time, confirming the added value of our method for both managers and employees.
How do you ensure continuous high response rates?
Both employees and managers report high satisfaction rates when working with 2DAYSMOOD. Our survey is short. The feedback and tips that spark action are reported on a weekly basis. In addition, the survey ends with a fun & positive message (e.g. a cartoon or positive quote) that is customizable for an organization. This message generates positivity and can be used to strengthen employer branding (e.g. reinforcing corporate values, a message of CEO etc.).
Do you also provide an annual engagement survey?
Yes, included in our survey platform is a Baseline Assessment. This Baseline Assessment is an innovative replacement for the annual survey and provides organizations with information about the satisfaction level and level of importance of engagement drivers.

Questions about the online manager dashboard

Is it possible to see the collected data for different target groups in the organization?
Yes, in our online dashboard, data can be analyzed through different filters, such as gender, age, seniority in the organization. Results can be broken down to location, department and team level. A dashboard heat map helps interpret data for different filtered target groups at a glance.
Do you provide simple and concise reports?
Yes, our weekly reports are sent to both team manager and team members and are simple and easy-to-read. In addition, our real-time online dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand. The dashboard is accessible to managers and HR representatives.
Do you report in real-time?
Yes, in our online dashboard, data is reported and analyzed in real-time.
Do you provide advice to line managers to action upon?
Yes, a weekly team report with a reflection question, tip or piece of advice is sent to line managers on a weekly basis. Typically, line managers discuss the report with their team at their weekly meeting.
Do you provide advice to employees to take action upon?
Yes, the same weekly team report with a reflection question, tip or piece of advice is sent to employees as well.

Questions about expert services

What additional services do you provide for managers?
We offer written quarterly reports, we provide additional consulting to managers to help interpret their data and undertake the right actions, and we conduct HR interventions based on organizational issues discovered through our survey. In addition, we can be booked as a keynote speaker or as workshop hosts.

Questions about technical requirements

Are the survey response screens mobile friendly?
Yes, the response screens are mobile friendly.
Do you provide a cloud-based solution (SAAS) ?
Yes, we are a cloud-based solution.
Is your survey secure?
Yes, the survey is secure. We treat all data with the utmost care. We will not share any personal information. Information is grouped on such a level that it is impossible to track it to an individual. Furthermore, all data is encrypted. We comply with the European General Protection Regulation (EUGDPR) and on data-level with ISO27001. For the software, this is an ongoing process.
What is your uptime and solid backup/disaster recovery processes?
We guarantee a +>99,5% uptime. Maintenance is scheduled outside office hours as much as possible. Data and software backups are continuously made and stored in a secondary data center. On hardware side there is a 99,9999% guaranteed uptime from our specialized partner. In case of a disaster, the secondary location will be activated. In this case, the platform will be up and running again within 4 hours.

Questions about administrative support

Do you provide administrative support?
Yes, administrative support is included in our yearly license. Our online administrator dashboard is intuitive and easy to handle and can be fully operated by an organization internally.