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10 min reading

How to create an employer brand that the world respects

From animal wellness issues at supermarkets, #metoo and diversity discussions at the workplace or mi...

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By: Robin van der Meulen

3 min reading

This is how you improve your team’s reputation with colleagues and customers!

Work on the most productive and positive team with relevant feedback. Do you have any idea what you...

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By: Mare Derks

3 min reading

Viktor Lipman: ‘Management feedback is vital, but too often ignored!’

Many years ago, when I was a young manager, our head of Human Resources was a practitioner of what...

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By: Victor Lipman

3 min reading

End-of-year appraisals? Avoid these 3 common feedback mistakes!

Develop your feedback-giving ability as a true leader by avoiding these mistakes The year has almos...

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By: Merlinde Blei

7 min reading

Burned-out or bored-out? How to recognize your employees’ bore-out!

Stressed-out employees.. who constantly feel tired and lifeless, put little energy into their work, ...

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By: Robin van der Meulen

1 min reading

Infographic: Happy Employees through a SMARTER approach!

Infographic to get support from the board You as an (HR) manager or team leader must be already con...

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By: Robin van der Meulen